LKV Dogshow 2019 - Champion of Champions !!!
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Champions of Champions 2019 - EN

The ” Limburgse Kynologenvereniging LKV “ organises


In a direct confrontation with each other only TOP dogs will decide who
will become the “Champion of Champions”, all of this in the context of a Gala Dinner !!!
A high quality show with two dogs competing against each other.
Our international jury will assess them and through a system of elimination
determine who is the winner and will be crowned as "Champion of Champions".
Our International judges are : 
          Mr. Vincent O'Brien (IE)
          Mrs. Sonia Kelveri Philippou (CY)
          Mr. Roger Barenne (FR)

This special event will take place on Saturday, January 12 - 2019
at the Limburghal , Jaarbeurslaan 6, 3600 Genk


                                         In collaboration  with our sponsors


                         we can again provide beautiful prizes for all contenders!

                              -Every contender will receive an “8 in1 goodies”
                      -The winner will receive a free picture booth by Kynoweb

                                     !!!!!!!!!! And to make it even more exciting !!!!!!!!
                           for the dog crowned “Champion of Champions”
                                 EUKANUBA will provide 1 Year of Food 
(based on 12 bags/year)

Program :

20h00 : Reception in the VIP room Agora
20h30 : start of the judgements in de Agora Hall.
following the judgements, start of the Gala Dinner.
This year we also provided a musical act.

Entries are free but at least 1 dinner per entered dog is mandatory, rate per dinner  = 70,00€
It is possible to reserve additional dinners.
You can only register through the link on the website of LKV.


Entries will be closed on 31/12/2018 !!!

De conditions to enter per dog are :

having obtained in the period between 1/12/2016 and 30/11/2018
               or at least 3 CACIB qualifications
               or at least 3 BOB qualifications
               or at least 1 time Best of the Group

Payment information

Entries are free but at least 1 dinner per entered dog is mandatory, rate per dinner  = 70,00€

Payments must be done at the latest on 03/01/2019 !

Write on your payment , "Champion of Champions", your name and the number of dinners!!!

Belfius Tongeren


Nummer: 068-2438170-05
IBAN : BE96 0682 4381 7005

About one week before the start of the show, you will receive your personal information.